Utility Bill Management

Check your utility bills with WATT - our Utility Management Software for public and private sector. Organise, optimise, measure and manage your energy use with our user-friendly platform. We find mistakes and avoid overpaying in your energy bill. See a client testimonial. The decisions your make can only be as good as the data they´re based on. BOOK A DEMO

Custom software Development

Shortcut is ready to create or enhance software applications to address your business needs and issues when industry standards do not fit. Our team is skilled in all major technologies and work together with your team to develop practical and flexible solutions to feet your needs. CONTACT US to transform and grow your business.

IT Consultancy

Shortcut experts' will help you make the right changes into your organisation so you can get where you want to go. Our IT consultants use proven methodologies to help our clients to optimize costs, reduce risk, and see a faster return on IT investments. We also find the best partnerships to create successful projects together. CONTACT US

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