• Automates the packing process
  • Reduces human interaction
  • Standardizes software packages
  • Can group several packages into a single package Integrates with version control repositories such as CVS
  • Allows manual or automatic conflict resolution
  • Visually previews package structure
  • Allows to manually create exceptions to the packing rules
  • Package edition with drag-and-drop
  • Can use several tags, projects and repositories at a time
  • Can identify all packed files by tagging them in the repository.
  • Can add external files to the package
  • Generates installation scripts for SQL files

With Smart Packager it is possible to pack software directly from your version control repository (CVS or SVN) in a flexible and configurable way. While being processed, files are obtained from one or several repositories, pre-ordered and divided into installation scripts according to the specified configuration. After this process it is possible to create exceptions to the configured rules by manually changing file's order and division. File conflicts (eg. different tags on the same file) can be automatically resolved or highlighted for manual resolution. 

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