pplPortal - Human Resources Software

HR Self-Service Portal that organize, automate and simplify HR Processes, both for workers and for managers.

A single view for managers where they can:

  • Approve changes, manage outstanding tasks and easily access employee information
  • Managing any type of absence and even link different groups of employees with different holiday calendar plans
  • Managing training courses and conduct performance evaluations
  • ...

A single entry point that increase employee engagement. With this solution they are able to:

  • View and update personal information and attach important documents
  • View prior and current paycheque(s), benefit enrolments, beneficiaries and dependents
  • Easily check holiday entitlements and request leave
  • ...

Simple, attractive and functional modular HR solution that provides a set of services for your workforce autonomy and interaction, such as Personal Data, Pay Roll & Attendance, Training & Appraisal. Private access to data and multiple users access. Responsive design (desktop, tablet, smartphone) and the same look & feel in every module. Integration with different ERP solutions.

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